What can Dental Express Staffing do for you???

* Increase Production *
* Save You Time and Money *
* Reduce Stress Placed on the Team *
* Reduce the Potential for Losing Patients *

Have you lost production due to a dentist or hygienist on maternity leave, vacation or out sick? Have you had to work without a dental assistant to manage patient flow and production?

If you answered YES to either of these questions…
Let Dental Express Staffing be your “Help In A Hurry” solution! Whether short notice or long term, Dental Express Staffing is your stress-free choice for finding efficient, highly-skilled professional replacements. Dental Express Staffing offers qualified dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental administration with various levels of experience and availability. From new graduates to staff with 40 years of experience, Dental Express has a dental professional to fit your personality and skill expectations.

At Dental Express Staffing, our goal is to create a professional relationship with each and every client. We would love the opportunity to help you maintain your busy schedule and eliminate distractions caused by unforeseen shortages in staff.

Dental Express Staffing Webinar:

When to use Dental Express….

* Vacation    * Maternity leave    * Medical leave    * Unexpected sick day    * Extended leave of absence
* Unexpected loss of an employee   * Heavy workload    * Temp-to-hire      * Direct hire      * Jury duty
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