Staff Testimonials



Yvonne, RDH

I found Dental Express Staffing at the perfect time! I was starting a new business teaching dental professionals how to identify, support and convert anxious and phobic dental patients. I really needed flexibility and a steady income. Moving the business online in the last 9 months had been a challenge, but the awesome staff at DES has helped me create a schedule that really works for me. And they continue to go to bat for all of us in the DES family in the face of current events! – Yvonne, RDH

Libby, RDH

I began temping because I wanted to add variety to my job and wanted to travel and meet new people. I appreciate the choice to work as more or as little as I want to.  Thank you, Dental Express for your support! – Libby, RDH

Cathleen, RDH

I love temping for the freedom and flexibility, giving me the ability to make my own schedule according to my life! – Cathy, RDH

Paul,  RDH

After working as a full time Dental Hygienist for over 10 years my wife and I decided to take over a campground. Working for Dental Express Staffing allows me to run the campground during the summer and work as a hygienist during the winter.   I also work for Dental Express Staffing one day per month during the summer just to keep my skills and license up.   Dental Express Staffing has been very flexible and accommodating and there is plenty of opportunity to work as many hours as you want.  Great business to work for. – Paul J, RDH

Chrissy, RDH

Dental Express Staffing is an excellent company to be a part of with the flexibility of choosing what days to work and locations to be in.  They are organized and efficient, easy to schedule with, and very detailed with what is expected from each office you work in.  I highly recommend this company for anyone in the dental field.  It is a nice way to step into various offices and see different styles of what works best for you.

I am able to gain experience with different dental computer programs, office layouts, and techniques done by various dental professionals.  It helps me learn more and grow my knowledge and experience in the dental field to see what will work best for me. – Chrissy, RDH

Pam, DA

I enjoy temping because it allows me to have a flexible schedule. I love the value that Dental Express places on their employees! – Pam, DA

Ashley, DA

I enjoy the flexibility that temping gives me especially while in school for nursing. I love working for a company that supports and appreciates their employees! – Ashley, DA

Jamie, RDH

I love temping because of the flexibility and I love meeting different people! – Jamie, RDH

Suzanne, RDH

I enjoy meeting new people and educating them about their oral health. I love the flexibility Dental Express give me while traveling and working with a large variety of health care providers. – Suzanne, RDH

Dawn, DA

I enjoy educating patients on the importance of good oral hygiene. I love working for Dental Express because of the flexibility of making my own schedule. – Dawn, DA

Jill, RDH

Having been a Hygienist since 1978, I may have to say this company is the top of the line that I have worked for.  You treat your staff as I would like to be treated or would do if I had my own company.  You are very easy to work with, have flexible hours or days and choices of where to go.  Have some very favorite offices that I now love to work in and continue to make new favorites when I go to new offices.  I could not ask for better working options and would love to continue for quite some time with Dental Express. In my 44 years in Dental Hygiene, I have never had a company come through as you all have done.  You have earned my gratitude for being such a great employer.   I feel you really value your staff and try your very best to fit the staff with the client and work well with us to do that.  This has been such a positive experience for me, maybe because the offices I work with really let me know how appreciated I am to be there, helping to keep their patients up to date.  Having an employer who also listens to the staff and allows us to choose those offices where we know we will have such a wonderful experience. – Jill, RDH

Alicia, RDH

Loyalty comes from being respected by your employer and being appreciated. I definitely feel appreciated by Dental Express. The “bonuses” that have come for no apparent reason are definitely a nice way of feeling appreciated. Also, on the rare occasion that I have requested not to return to an office is never questioned. This lets me know that Dental Express respects my professional judgement. – Alicia, RDH

Arlene, DA

I like the flexibility that Dental Express offers! I appreciate the continuous communication with the staff members.  I enjoy working with the company and meeting new people.  I like working at different offices and learning new techniques and technologies.  I am grateful that I have gotten raises and bonuses throughout my employment.  Staffing always gets back to me as soon as possible with any questions or concerns that I may have. – Arlene, DA