When to Utilize Dental Express…


The average dental practice loses $1090 in production when a hygienist is sick for just one day. Imagine if that hygienist is gone for a 1 week vacation ($5450) or an 8 week maternity leave ($43,600);You get the point…you are losing money that Dental Express could help you keep so you don’t miss a beat!
With the average 20% decrease of production in dental practices in 2010, do you want to risk losing more when a team member is gone??  Dental Express can keep your practice productive and make replacing that staff member simpler by doing all the work for you.


On average, the cost of hiring a new staff member is 1.5 to 2 times their salary.  How much time, effort, and money do you spend placing ads, interviewing, and hiring for a temporary or permanent team member?  Could that time be better spent with your family?

Would you prefer to be relaxing after a busy day at the office instead?
Let Dental Express do the work for you in an efficient, timely manner.
We can assure you the right professional by matching our staff to your office, not just placing a warm body there.  We incorporate face- to-face interviews, reference checking, and background checks into our recruitment process, providing you with a reliable individual that fits your style and needs.

All of your patients have a life as we do, so the last thing we want to do is reschedule an appointment that has been scheduled months in advance.  Why?

1.  Your patients’ time is as valuable as yours.  They may decide to seek treatment elsewhere because of the inconvenience…did they have to take time away from work, get a babysitter, or make other arrangements for this appointment?
2.  As dental professionals, we stress the importance of maintaining our teeth with a   professional cleaning or restorative appointment.  Calling to reschedule, gives them  the idea that dental care is not that important and it can wait.
3.  The rescheduled appointment is time lost that could have been used for another patient and that translates to lost production.  You can avoid this situation by allowing Dental Express to place a qualified professional into your practice.  We are available 24/7 for your convenience.


Being short staffed impacts the entire team.  In a normal day, each team member has their own duties to perform…now a member is sick or on vacation and everyone has to pick up the tasks of the missing employee.  Catching up on their daily tasks the following day or week can be just as stressful.  This includes keeping the schedule on time even though you are short staffed.  This not only places stress on the team, but can possibly be felt by the patients as well.  Whether short notice or long term, make Dental Express your stress free choice for efficient, highly skilled professional replacements.