When to Utilize Dental Express…

Increase Production

The average dental practice loses $1,500* in production when a hygienist is sick for just one day. Imagine if that hygienist is gone for a 1 week vacation ($6,000 based on 4 day work week) or an 8 week maternity leave ($48,000 based on a 4 day work week); You get the point... you are losing money that Dental Express could help you avoid!
Why risk losing more revenue when a team member is absent? Dental Express can help maintain practice productivity and simplify replacing a staff member by doing the labor and time intensive portion of the process for you.

Save You Time and Money

On average, the cost of hiring a new staff member is 1.5 to 2 times their salary.  Avoid the time, effort, and money spent placing ads, interviewing, and hiring when seeking a temporary or permanent team member by choosing to allow us to assist you.

Let Dental Express do the leg work in an efficient, timely manner.
We strive to match the right professional staff to your office. During our recruitment process, we conduct face- to-face interviews, complete reference and background checks focused on providing a reliable individual that fits with your expectations and needs.

Patient Retention

People prepare for appointments months in advance. We help minimize the inconvenience and patient frustration from rescheduling. Maintaining appointments cultivates an atmosphere that focuses on the importance of professional exams, cleanings, and restorative care. Let us provide a convenient solution for the impact rescheduling has on your practice.

Reduce Stress Placed on Team

People have emergencies, illnesses, go on vacation and various types of leaves come up. Being short staffed impacts your entire team. Each day, staff have their own duties to perform. An absence causes responsibilities to either be left undone or another individual needs to complete them. If obligations are left undone, catching up on tasks can be very stressful. This additionally places stress on the entire team and may possibly be felt by patients as well. Maintaining timeliness for scheduled appointments can present a challenge as well when operating understaffed. Whether short notice or long term, make Dental Express your choice for efficient, highly skilled professional replacements.

* Based on average Dental office Fees around WI