Here Is What Our Employees Have to Say About Us

Nima H

“Working for dental express has been a great eye opener. I enjoy working with different people and learning something new at every clinic. It's interesting seeing how different each clinic runs. I love the flexibility I have specially being a full-time dental hygiene student. In my free time, I like spending time with my parents and siblings. I recently spend all my free time with my 6-months old nephew. He is so adorable. I also enjoy cooking with my mother all the cultural dishes. I took a sewing class this past summer and has been sewing any time I get the opportunity ever since. ”

~ Nima H ~
Jeri E

“I have enjoyed almost 30 years in this profession. Temping has helped me build confidence in myself by stepping out of my comfort zone and learning new ways of doing things. I really enjoy the variety of offices I visit. Every day is different!”

~ Jeri E ~
Cathleen L

“I love temping because of the freedom and flexibility. It gives me the ability to make my own schedule according to my life.”

~ Cathleen L ~
Brittany H

“My favorite thing about temping is the flexibility that it offers me in my daily life. It’s so convenient to be able to build my work schedule around my busy day to day lifestyle! I enjoy the experiences I’ve had working in so many different environments and all the people I get to work with and the patients I’ve met.”

~ Brittany H ~
Hannah H

“I love temping because of the flexibility it gives me while I am going to school. I enjoy going to new offices to meet new people.”

~ Hannah H ~
Lora B

“I love temping because of the flexibility, traveling to see new places, meeting new people and great staff. I also love seeing how different offices operate.”

~ Lora B ~
Kacie M

“I love the variety of dental settings that I get to experience while temping. It allows for increased networking and allows me to be more versed in dental software and other forms of technology while learning from others – making me a better clinician. I also enjoy the flexibility as it allows for a more balanced work and family life.”

~ Kacie M ~
Kim O

“After working almost 24 years for the same dental practice, I decided I wanted more flexibility with my schedule. Dental Express has been a perfect fit, and everyone is so nice to work with. I love going to new offices to see how they operate, get exposed to new ideas, techniques, dental software programs and best of all, new people!”

~ Kim O ~
Suzanne S

“I love temping because I get to travel and meet new people and places. I love the flexibility of temping. The staff is absolutely wonderful to work with. I feel like they’re always understanding and willing to work with me. I get to choose when and where I want to work.”

~ Suzanne S ~
Cyndi B

“I started temping in January of 2020 and wish I would have started sooner! I really do enjoy temping. The staff at Dental Express is always great to work with. I sincerely appreciate their understanding and ability to work with my schedule. Traveling to new offices and meeting new people is enjoyable for me!”

~ Cyndi B ~
Jamie C

“I love temping because of the flexibility in my schedule, and I enjoy meeting new people. I also love that Dental Express appreciates me!”

~ Jamie C ~
Jill E

“I love temping for Dental Express because it allows me to work when I want as well as meet many wonderful people. I have had such a great experience with all the offices I have had the pleasure of working with. They have been amazing! As a veteran of 44 years of doing Dental Hygiene, this has been the very best way to stay in the game but doing it on my terms. It also allows me to be with my two beautiful grand babies. I could not ask for a better way to arrive at the golden years of my Dental Hygiene career.”

~ Jill E ~
Tracey B

“I left my full-time job to work for Dental Express so I would have the flexibility to help my husband run our kayak business during the summer and have time to visit out of town family during the winter. I love the value and appreciation Dental Express has for me, and the fact that they can give me a schedule that works with my busy life.”

~ Tracey B ~

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